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From the moment they meet, Jon-young (Kwon Sang-woo) and the blind Hye-in (Kim Hee-sun) share an instant connection. Young and naïve, they believe that nothing can change their love. Life, however, pulls them in opposite directions. Jon-young is sent to Seoul, while Hye-in immigrates to America. Misleadingly informed that Jon-young is dead, Hye-in struggles to begin a new life alone. Years later, Hye-in returns to Seoul. With her eyesight restored, she is now a singer happily engaged to her producer Gun-woo (Yeon Jung-hoon). Everything changes though when Gun-woo’s composer friend turns out to be none other than Jon-young. He instantly recognizes her, but Hye-in has never seen Jun-young before. When love is no longer simple and blind, can Hye-in and Jun-young still find their way back to each other? This series is a series of love, death and suspense.

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The first signs of a new single emerged when Hamasaki stated on her Team Ayu fanclub blog on April 26, 2007 that she had just finished writing a new song and was preparing to go record it. [unreliable source?] On May 17, 2007 the title was revealed on Tower Records’ website. On the same date, it was announced that like last year’s summer song Blue Bird, glitter would be used as a tie-up to promote Zespri’s golden kiwi once again. On May 18, the single was announced officially on Hamasaki’s official website. It was stated that this single would be the opening of her “third chapter. ” Upon availability for preorder on May 19, “Glitter”/”Fated” topped the CD sales chart on Japanese music vendor “Neowing” and its English counterpart “CDJapan” because of the amount of pre-orders that it received. On May 22, several Japanese news websites and vendors reported that “Fated” would be the theme song of the Japanese film Kaidan. It was reported that the theme song would not only be used for the film’s release in Japan, but it would also accompany the film’s release in over 50 countries. On May 30, 2007, Hamasaki reported on her Team Ayu fanclub blog that she would be flying to Hong Kong after her Asia tour performances in Osaka to film a new short film alongside actor Shawn Yue. [unreliable source?] The film will feature both “Glitter” and “Fated” and is actually a short movie that runs approximately 18 minutes. She would also share her first onscreen kiss in this video. On June 12, the songs “Glitter” and “Fated” were both leaked in their entirety.

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