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Sources differ on the Love Family’s duration; some[who?] claim that after a fractious conflict in 1984, the community was reduced to a small fraction residing in suburban Bothell, Washington, while according to The Seattle Times and an article written by Serious Israel,[clarification needed] the Love Family continued living on their 300-acre (1. 2 km2) property in Arlington, Washington. The Love Family flourished on that acreage from 1984 until 2004, when, according to the Seattle Times, some families moved to other, smaller properties. The Arlington commune supported both a local organic restaurant and an annual festival open to the public called the Garlic Festival, which drew healthy crowds to the property.

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Author Jonathan Gould identifies “I Will” as an effective “demure punchline” to the sexual suggestiveness of “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”, and similar in mood and form to McCartney’s 1966 song “Here, There and Everywhere”. He also views it as lacking in genuine emotion, however, due to the lyrics and musical arrangement, and concludes: “This is one of the few instances in which the restraint Paul typically brought to his ballad singing blanches into something that sounds like simple indifference. ‘Who knows how long I’ve loved you?’ he asks, and it’s tempting to think, ‘Who cares?'” Howard Sounes welcomes the diversification of McCartney’s non-rock White Album contributions such as “Martha My Dear” and “Honey Pie” but he says of “I Will”: “[It] exemplified Paul’s weakness for the soft-centred love song. The melody was catchy, but the lyric, about loving his beloved forever and ever, etc. , was the sickliest cliché, a taste of what was to come. ”